Rahisi Cloud Banking has been developed as a product for credit only institutions who want to take advantage of the mobile money platform to increase efficiency in their organizations. Take your microfinance to the next level with our award winning cloud-based software.

Client & Group Management

Rahisi Cloud Banking works with both Individual and Group Clients. The system enables the capture of personal information, next of kin details, business information and much more. You can upload scanned photos or documents to a client’s account during KYC processing.

Mobile Money Integration

We have integrated Rahisi Cloud Banking with M-PESA. This allows for real time disbursements and repayments to customer accounts. All you need is a paybill account B2C and C2B accounts. If you don’t have these we can provide you with our state of the art wallet to manage your transactions.

 USSD / Mobile App

Rahisi Cloud Banking also has an integrated USSD and Mobile applications that allows your current customers to be able to view their loan balances and request for top up loans from the comfort of their mobile phones.
Rahisi Cloud Banking also extends a mobile app to loan officers/relationship managers for faster customer on-boarding process in the field.

Integrated Accounting

The system comes with a fully configurable chart of accounts. It’s easy to add new GLs and link them to specific products, charges, or branches. While all the portfolio bookings are automated (such as when a loan is disbursed or a repayment is made), you can also enter manual journal entries when you need to make a correction, or to manage your non-portfolio accounts. In addition, Rahisi Cloud Banking comes with a full set of financial reports, including your Balance Sheet, Cashflow Report, Daily Trial Balance and Income Statement.

 Loans Scoring and Processing

Rahisi Cloud Banking offers full and flexible loan modules integrated to mobile money payment platforms e.g. m-pesa for disbursements and repayments with a maker checker functionality. The loan products are fully configurable to take care of our client ever changing needs such as the loan term, repayment frequency, interest rate, interest calculation method, grace periods, charges and more. All products are fully integrated with accounting.

Quality Reports

Rahisi Cloud Banking provides an extensive suite of high quality reports, providing information on the portfolio, client numbers and portfolio quality at an institution level, branch level, loan officer level, right down to information on specific groups and clients.

SMS Module

Rahisi Cloud Banking has an integrated SMS module for your use to send personalized SMS messages to your clients, such as when your loan applications have been received, approved and processed and also reminders to your clients when their repayments fall due.

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